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The last thing people probably look for on this site is random shit about emotional problems and blah blah blah ect.
But, I just need to write this down I suppose and if someone finds it useful than- Damn, I'm good.
I will be graduating in May. There will be no more summer vacations, no more teacher in-service days, no 8:45-3:30 days. I'm going to be in control of myself, what classes I take, whether I even take classes. I'll eventually be supporting myself in full. I'll need a job, a place to live. I'm going to have to listen to my Grandmother cry about me leaving, and my sister (how I love those sentimental motherfuckers) and I'm going to have to live without my mother, and my father.
I'm fairly lucky to come from a family that expects me to go to college. Both of my parents have master's degrees, and I thought that everybody went to college. From the time I was in Pre-K I was expected to get into college, and because of people expecting that from me, I am able to go. It makes me worry and feel bad for people who were not at blessed as me (Some just call me a rich white bitch, or something along that line.) But, just because it's not expected of you to move along in school, to get a degree, it doesn't mean you're not able or you're not good enough. Let me just hit you with a cliché; Anything you put your mind to, you can do. Even though I often complain about how I hate humans, and all my other bitchiness, I truly do believe that they- we- can move mountains. Of course, that's metaphorical. So, just because people don't expect you to go to college, or if they tell you that you'll never make it.. that doesn't amount to shit. Think about who is telling you that.
For me, my English teacher has been telling me all year that I will not be able to write a college essay. Let me just brag for a moment, I took my AP Lang exam and passed with a 3, I've written college essays and got good marks on them. (GOT A 5 ON MY AP PSYCH EXAM- just really proud of that one) So, he's spouting complete bullshit. A teacher's job is to prepare students for moving on in life, they say their goal is to get everyone to go to college. I actually believe that they think they think they are doing that, helping. But, in reality, they are just giving us busy work. They let us off easy with grading curves and late work. They shove information that is completely useless into our brains and ask us to make magic with it. Now, not every teacher is of course like this, I'm sure there are some out there that are freaking awesome, I have never met one though.
Another thing I wanna rage about; Guidance Counselors. WHAT THE HECK!? THEY MAKE ME SO ANGRY! They are supposed to help kids with scholarships and all that other jazz, but all they do is throw government worded papers at them and run away shouting, "IF YOU REALLY WANNA GO TO COLLEGE FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF!" Seriously, they make me so angry. They don't help in emotional cases either, I've reported two students that were cutting themselves and all the counselors did was tell them to stop. Cause I couldn't do that on my own. They also only talk to the top ten seniors, the one's with the marvelous 4.5 GPA and all that shit. As thought people with a 3.5- or even a 2.9 (for example- that's not my GPA or anything) cannot get into a College.
The school system, man, the school system. I do applaud the National Government though- for trying to get all of The United States on the same learning course- 'Common Core' Though I am not a big supporter of the National Government deciding things for the State Governments I do like this. It puts all of the US on the same playing field.

I am going to stop now, before I write another forty paragraphs.


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